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Hollywood Films Gift Set is the perfect gift for the person who is a fan of movies. This gift set includes collectibles and accessories that commemorate the Hollywood movie industry. The metal film cans are great accessories and storage units, the film reel provides the perfect decorative touch to any home theatre, the film strip is an actual developed movie film, and the customized trophy will be adored by any movie fan. A great gift for anyone looking to provide a Hollywood touch to a home or office. (Set components do not hold together as a single piece, they are loose pieces that sit on top one another and can be arranged anyway you wish.)

Customize your own message on the Trophy with up to 3 lines and up to 15 characters on each line. 

To Customized this Trophy scroll up,
1. Add your text,
2. Click save,
3. And add to the shopping cart.
4. Repeat As Necessarily.