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‌‌Your image to a lifesize cutout standup made just for you.... Single person custom standup, Make your own custom standup from your image. Please choose the size that you would like us to create this custom standup and send us the image according to our picture guidelines bellow

 We charge by the sheet of material, Each sheet is 4x8 ft so whatever fits in that space - if it is a smaller image sometimes you can fit multiple images on the sheet without the cost increasing


To get best result please read following :


About photo:


  • Images can be e-mailed or mailed on a CD along with the order number. If you are concerned about sending the original you can take it to local print shop (kinkos)they should be able to scan the picture at high resolution (When scanning an 8x10 picture 600 dpi if the picture is smaller just increase the dpi but the no need go over 1200) and then mail us a disk.

  • Please take a sharp, close up, clear vertical shot including all body from head to toe make sure that the image is in focused and the less background you will get a better results. Life size (74 Inches) image at 72 DPI( dot per inch) , or 15” at 300 DPI


  • We accept most file formats (.tiff, .eps, .ai, .psd, .png, .jpg, .bmp, .pdf) We offer a free .jpg proof upon customer request. We will also look at an image to see if the resolution is sufficient at no charge.


When you send e-mail:


  • Don't forget write Your Name, Order Number and phone number.


  • Make sure to attach a good quality picture (with above mentioned quality).

Production time :


  • Please allow up to 12 business days for your custom standups to arrive


If you need assistance or have question:


  • We are here to help